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Natural Flame Unscented Fuel-8 Cartridges
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Natural Flame Unscented Fuel-8 Cartridges

Experience dancing yellow flames and the authentic crackling sound of real wood with Natural Flame™ Fuel Cartridges. The virgin alcohol fuel is carefully formulated to work with EverLog™ permanent logs for increased air flow producing maximum flame height for the entire burn time.Natural Flame fuel cartridges are guaranteed odor-free and safe for vent-free indoor use. Each cartridge burns approximately two hours. Includes eight cartridges and one snuffer plate per case. Dimensions: 6.25L x 2W x 3.25H inches.The Cartridge Fireplace Company was born out of a long and colorful history of the hearth. Over the past few decades ventless fireplaces have become increasingly popular as an affordable fireplace alternative. The cartridge-style fireplace takes the advancements of gel fuel to the next level. The patent-pending design of the cartridge and log set hides the gel fuel from sight. The result is a warmth and a natural look that hearkens back to the tradition of the hearth itself.
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